Ben Portrait for WebsiteBen is a current graduate student at Denver Seminary. He is a candidate for the Master of Arts in New Testament Biblical Studies and the Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics and Ethics. He hopes to complete his studies by 2015 or 2016 and then pursue a career teaching in higher education. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from Taylor University in 2011, graduating summa cum laude.  Before that he worked for three years in banking and finance at Bank of America serving in the philanthropic, retirement services, data security, and private wealth management departments.  He currently holds a part-time job with Denver Seminary serving as a communications assistant and the webmaster for the Seminary’s website.

Ben tries to write regularly on this website for his own personal and intellectual development but also for the enjoyment and edification of others. Ben is married to his wife Sarah and they reside in the greater Denver-metro area. If you would like to contact him about anything regarding this website, he can be reached at brcrenshaw85@gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. seems to me like you are a closeted gay male. it’s easy to mask your gayness in the blanket of orthodoxy, distracting your deep-rooted gay feelings by going down ridiculous tangential rabbit holes of philosophy and thought.

    it’s okay that you’re gay. stop shoving it down to your belly by watching gay porn and then praying about it because of your guilt.

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