In this section I will upload some of my academic work, both from my undergraduate studies at Taylor University and my graduate studies at Denver Seminary.  My desire is to give you an opportunity to read my work, see my interests, and learn what I have learned through my studies and writing.  Although my work is not copyrighted, I would request that you not reproduce, copy, or published what you find here in any way (without first getting my permission that would be considered plagiarism).  If you would like to use or share any of my work, please simply ask me and I will definitely considerate it.  Feel free to comment and give feedback on what you read.  Thanks, I appreciate your cooperation!

Undergraduate Work (Taylor University; B.A. History, 2011)
Graduate Work (Denver Seminary; M.A. NT Biblical Studies; M.A. Apologetics & Ethics; both in progress, projected 2015, 2016)
Short Essays
Book Reviews
Amazon Wish Lists

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