Amazon Wish Lists

I have been working on my Amazon book wish lists for a couple years now, and I am currently up to 72 wish lists and 1,702 books.  A number of people have asked me to share these lists with them, and I am quite willing to do so.  I will list the name of each list and link it to Amazon.  If you have trouble viewing any of the lists or if the links are broken, please let me know in the comments section.  Also, if you have any book suggestions for any of the lists, feel free to let me know in the comments section (is there any way to suggest a book to a wish list on Amazon?).  Some of the lists I haven’t looked through for a while, so I apologize if some books don’t quite fit with the category.  I have some cleaning up to do.

Amazon Wish Lists

American History & Culture
Basics of the Faith
Bible Cultural/Historical Studies
Bible Reference
Biblical Studies (General)
C.S. Lewis
Christian Apologetics
Christian Spirituality
Christian Theologians
Christopher Wright
Church Abuse/Cults
Church Fathers
Church History
Civil War
Climate Change/Global Warming
Commentaries (LXX)
Commentaries NT
Commentaries OT
Constitutional Studies
Contemporary Christian Issues
Current Politics
David McCullough
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Economic Issues
Extrabiblical Writers/Sources
Francis Schaeffer
G.K. Chesterton
Greek Tools
Health Issues, Diet, Exercise
Henry Nouwen
Islam Related
Liberty/Freedom Issues
Marriage, Dating, Relationships, Sexuality
Middle East
Military History
Misc Books
Morality & Ethics
N.T. Wright
NT Studies
OT Studies
Other Stuff
Oxford Handbooks
Pauline Studies
Political History, Philosophy, Issues
Presidents (US)
Racial/Ethnic Studies
Religious/Church History
Social Issues
Software, Music, Games
Spiritual Formation
Technology & Culture
Textual Criticism
Theology/Historical Theology
Thomas Sowell
Very Short Introductions
World History
World Religions

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