Random Thoughts: St. Augustine, Leadership, & Discrimination

Sometimes I have random thoughts that I want to write down and develop a little bit, but they aren’t substantial enough to expand them into their own respective posts. So instead I’ve decided to put them together into one post. These do not necessarily relate to each other (unless somehow you, the reader, see some fantastical connection that I don’t). It’s possible that cognitively processing these little issues will help me sort them out so that I can develop them into more substantial articles in the future. Your thoughts or comments are welcome. Enjoy! Continue reading “Random Thoughts: St. Augustine, Leadership, & Discrimination”

For the Love of Reading

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

― G.K. Chesterton

For some time now I have been thinking about articulating my philosophy for reading and building a personal library.  I have been engaged in this lifestyle since the middle of college (2009), where my passion for reading matured and blossomed.  Since coming to seminary two years ago, my personal library has exploded from a mere 75 or so books to well over 700.  Seminary has opened up new worlds to explore and a seemingly endless list of books to read.  I can’t get enough and there is no end in sight, which is good!  However, reading so much and building a library is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, and I have had to defend myself on more than one occasion.  So here are my thoughts, which I hope will not only be a sufficient defense, but also spur you on to read and build your own library. Continue reading “For the Love of Reading”