Economic Articles & Resources

Here is a collection of resources on economic theory and history, along with how economics intersects and influences Christian belief, political philosophy, and current events.

Article (A) or Resource (R) Date Added
Keynes vs. Hayek: Rap Style (R) 8/26/12
Free to Choose (Milton Friedman) (R) 8/29/12
Why Study Economic Theory and History? (A) 9/27/12
Poverty, the Church, and Government (R) 11/10/12
Sweatshops (R) 11/19/12
Wealth and Poverty (IFWE) (R) 11/21/12
“Markets, Governments, and the Common Good” (A) 3/25/13
The Love of Money and the Root of Money (A) 3/27/14
Richard Epstein on Income Inequality (A) 4/19/14

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