Book Reviews

Here I will post various book reviews. So far the only book reviews of this sort I have done have been a few during my undergraduate studies and a couple for graduate school, however I will probably be doing a fair amount of these over the next couple years. Doing an extended book review can be very helpful in learning how to identify an author’s thesis, main points, sub-points, and structure of the book and/or argument. They take quite a while and effort to complete, so I probably will not be doing them voluntarily unless required by a class. The reviews I’ve completed so far are listed below.

Extended Reviews
Class Year
The Ties that Bound: Peasant Families
in Medieval England
Medieval Europe Spring 2009
Upon the Altar of the Nation
& The Civil War as a Theological
Religion and the
Civil War
Fall 2010
Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussion
Your Christian Convictions
Defending the
Christian Faith
Fall 2011

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