Faithful Politics

Every few months I write an article for, a non-partisan Christian political blog that seeks to responsibly, respectfully, and truthfully engage politics from a Christian perspective.  The site was started by a Denver Seminary alumnus Kolburt Schultz.  Many of the contributors are seminary students or other people who live in Denver and Colorado Springs.  Again, I want to stress that this is neither a Republican or Democrat promotional website.  We are Christians who all in some way or another feel called to the body politic and to engage the political world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Article on this Site FaithFul Politics Date
We’re All Equal, Aren’t We? Part 1; Part 2 7/25/12 8/1/12
The Threat of Executive Orders Article 8/31/12
A Just Society: Lessons from Deuteronomy (Part 1) Article 11/23/12
The Nature of Rights and the Second Amendment Part 1; Part 2 5/31/13

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