Free to Choose (Milton Friedman)

Wednesday 8/29/12

Free to Choose was both a book and a 10-part TV series written and produced by the economist Milton Friedman.  The book was published in 1980 and the TV series came out on PBS that same year.  In it Milton presents his own view of economics in support of market capitalism and then engages in robust debate with the likes of Thomas Sowell and Frances Fox Piven.  I was able to locate all 1o episodes on YouTube and I’ve embedded them below if you’d like to watch it in its entirety (it’s kind of long, but worth it!).  I think you will find that many of the issues they discuss are very relevant today even though it is over 30 years later.

Part 1 – The Power of the Market

Part 2 – The Tyranny of Control

Part 3 – Anatomy of a Crisis

Part 4 – From Cradle to Grave

Part 5 – Created Equality

Part 6 – What’s Wrong with Our Schools?

Part 7 – Who Protects the Consumer?

Part 8 – Who Protects the Worker?

Part 9 – How to Cure Inflation

Part 10 – How to Stay Free


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