Graduate Papers

Below is a list of papers I have so far completed during my graduate studies at Denver Seminary where I am currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in New Testament Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics and Ethics.

Title Class Year
Inductive Bible Study of Ephesians 2:11-22 Effective Biblical
Fall 2011
Stewardship of Possessions
in the Kingdom of God (coming soon)
Gospels & Acts Fall 2011
The Ontological Argument
Topic: The ontological argument (ontology is the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being) was first put forth by St. Anselm of Canterbury (11th century). This is an a priori argument, meaning it is independent of experience and empirical evidence (as opposed to a posteriori arguments). It is also a deductive argument, meaning if the premises in the argument are true, then the conclusion logically and necessarily follows. In recent years, the argument has received more attention, especially in the work of Alvin Plantinga, professor of philosophy at University of Notre Dame. This paper is a short survey of the argument, both in Anselm’s and Plantinga’s forms, and then addresses objections and seeks to apply the argument to everyday life.
Defending the
Christian Faith
Fall 2011
Postmodernism in the Apologetic Spotlight
Topic: This papers seeks to give foundational guidance to Christians as they engage the philosophy of postmodernism. This is not primarily a critique of postmodernism (although some of that is involved), but instead the paper puts foward six ordered steps that will help the Christian as he or she comes into contact with postmoden ideas and beliefs.
Advanced Apologetics Fall 2013
The Moral Argument and the Privation Theory of Evil
Topic: This paper explores the classical moral argument for God’s existence, including a thorough exposition and critique of the Augustinian privation theory of evil and how the moral argument rests upon it. The privation theory has been rejected by the majority of contemporary scholars, but this is probably more a byproduct of methodology than weaknesses in the theory itself. However, the theory may need to be revised or further explained by theologians who espouse it.
Advanced Apologetics Fall 2013
A Theology of American Culture
Topic: This papers seeks to give a positive account of American culture through a theological lens. It begins with a brief overview of a biblical perspective of culture using H. Richard Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture as an historical paradigm, as well as texts from the Old and New Testament. Three aspects of American culture are then identified and elaborated upon: American civic virtues, the republican political experiment, and a new market economic order.
Christian Ethics & Modern Culture Spring 2014

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