Political & Social Commentary

In this page I will be posting on current political issues. This page is distinct from the articles I write for FaithfulPolitics (which often is on current political issues as well), from political philosophy, which is concerned more with the science behind politics, and from the news of the week, which I have discontinued because it was too time consuming.

Here I will do some reflecting on issues and debates in politics in the United States, and I will also be posting resources for various issues (gun control, income inequality, etc).  In the future I might make a separate resources page, and since much of politics overlaps with economics, I might combine the two disciplines into a catch-all resource page per topic.

Article Date
Lest We Forget Who the Real King Is 10/16/12
Articulating Political Discouragement 11/23/12
The Story of Stuff 6/15/13
President Obama, The Syrian Crisis, and Presidential War
Powers: The Making of a Modern-Day Cincinnatus Charlatan
Thoughts on the Upcoming 2014 State of the Union Address 1/28/14

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