Political Philosophy

This page is dedicated to investigating, researching, and exploring what is known as “political science” or “political philosophy,” the study of government, the state, and politics.  This topic is of great importance for all people, but especially Americans, since we have a constitutional republic that gives us the right of self rule and determination.  Whether you love or hate politics, politics affects each of us.  Since we have the right and responsibility to be involve and influence the outcome of political rule and policies that affect millions, we should care about this issue.

We need to think clearly and rightly about the following issues: 1) What is government? 2) What is the history of governments, good and bad? 3) Is there a difference between government and society? 4) What is the proper role and responsibility of government?  5) What should government not do? 6) What does the American Constitution say about our government?  7) Where does our nation currently stand in terms of the Constitution and rule of law?  8) What can Christianity and biblical studies contribute to the issue of political philosophy and good government?  There are many other such questions that I hope to investigate as well.

Article (A) or Resource (R) Date Added
Ten Principles of a Free Society (A) 9/26/12
Pericles’ Famous Speech (A) 9/24/12
Wisdom from Frederic Bastiat on Just Government (A) 11/13/12
Schools of Thought in Classical Liberalism (R) 11/14/12
Does the Bill of Rights Grant us Rights? (A) 3/19/13

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