Poverty, the Church, and Government

This page will be devoted to the issue of poverty and wealth and the responsibility of individuals, the church, and governments regarding economic realities and social welfare.


Today I ran across a series of articles on poverty and the church that are very good.  The problem with studying and writing on this issue is that one needs a host of expertise to be accurate: 1) an understanding of economics, both in theory and the history of; 2) ability to handle biblical texts, knowing correct hermeneutics and exegesis; 3) have a decent grasp on the history of poverty and wealth and what has and hasn’t worked; 4) know ecclesiastical approaches to this issue throughout history and what has worked and what hasn’t.  This is such a broad spectrum that it is very difficult for most people to write well on this subject; and consequently there has been many distortions and bad ideas that have circulated both in regard to attitudes toward wealth and what the church and government should do about it.

The articles in this series come from the Institute for Faith, Works and Economics.  The series is called “Poverty and the Church,” and here is Part 1 and Part 2.  Below I link to each article in the order they were written:

Rich and Poor

Rich and Poor 2

Poverty and Government

Poverty and Government 2

Applying Economics to Our Call to Help the Poor

Poverty and the Church

Redistribution and the Church

Principles of Poor Relief

The Church and the Poor: Historical Perspectives

Applying Economics to Our Call to Help the Poor 2

Is Feeling Good Enough to Help Fight Poverty?


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