Short Essays

This is a compilation of short essays I wrote for a Regional Geography class I took over the summer of 2010.  These are not scholarly or in-depth with footnotes and sources, but there is no reason to believe each essay is not accurate in what it addresses.  The book for the class was Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts by H.J. de Blij.  This book is an overview of all the regions in the world, giving history, social, political, and economic data and explanations.  I found it to be quite interesting, very helpful, and a steady resource.  Most of my essays rely on this book and various other sources I had at my disposal that were related to the topic at hand.

Currently I have only uploaded three essays, but I have many more to add.  I will do so as I find time to re-read and edit them.

Title Class Year
Supranationalism and
European Unification
Regional Geography Summer 2010
A Short History of Europe Regional Geography Summer 2010
Russia – Assets and
Regional Geography Summer 2010

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