The Discrimination of Affirmative Action

Why I do not like affirmative action.

– Often have to use discrimination against Whites to promote minorities.  This is using the tools of the enemy to defeat the enemy (white supremacy and favoritism), which makes those promoting affirmative action no better than the enemy itself.  Ex. of MLK Jr. in the Civil Rights Movement refusing to use hatred, bitterness, and violence to overthrow white supremacy and segregation.  Instead, against the advice of many, he fought using love, forgiveness, and non-violent civil disobedience – and he won.  He is respected for that.  The Black Panthers are not.

– People should be judged on the basis of three things: 1) Competency, 2) Character, 3) Chemistry.

– This battle is taking place in the jobs of America.

– Unfortunately our government has taken the position of favoring minorities, blacks, hispanics, immigrants, and various other minority groups and providing subsidies or funding for businesses and educational institutions that seek to hire these individuals, even if they are not qualified and do not fit well into the institution.  This is grossly wrong.  In terms of education this hurts the students, kills programs, can cause tension between colleagues and is generally bad policy.

– I am not against hiring minorities.  They should neither be favored or discriminated against.  The same goes for whites.  Everyone should be evaluated, judged, and hired based on those three issues.

– What we have here is reverse discrimination.  This is just as morally wrong, unfair, and repugnant as white racism and discrimination.

– Critical Race Theory and Derrick Bell is an example of this.

5/22/12: talk with Landon about this.  Is it necessary to discriminate against whites in order to achieve equality of minorities?  No.  In fact, you can’t every achieve equality this way.  You are deceiving yourself.  You must say no to political correctness and public opinion and do what is right on principle no matter how it turns out!

Otherwise, you are saying that the end justifies the means, even if the means mean you have to discriminate against whites!

Also mention that discrimination in and of itself isn’t wrong; example of blind people driving. The question is is this discrimination good or bad?  Is it justifiable or not?

Q: Should the white man have to pay a price now for discrimination against blacks in the past?  No, I reject this.

Denver Seminary policy:

Related issue: DS tuition rates being staggered.  For what reason?


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